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Tom Houghton

I believe that American families want more opportunities to create better lives. Government is not the solution to every problem, but I know government can play a vital role in creating those opportunities, by making wise decisions and investing in the things that will create a prosperous future for everyone. 

I believe that the residents of the 16th District deserve a representative in Washington who will work hard for us everyday. I believe that our representative should put people ahead of politics and ideology. 

As your Congressman, my priority will be improving the lives of those I represent, and building a brighter future for our community and our country. Many in Washington have lost sight of the fact that they were sent there to represent real families, with real concerns about the future of our nation and real hopes and dreams for their own future. 

​I will work with everyone who wants to do what is best for Americans and American families. I am dedicated to doing everything in my power to help all Americans realize their dreams for a happy, secure, and prosperous future.

Tom Houghton

for congress - 16th district Pennsylvania

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